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gloomy friday -
Friday, 2 September 2016 • 11:58 • 0 comments

yesterday was sick as fuck
i was feeling uncertain
things are so hard lately
playing and dealing
with my own
silly thoughts
that is not as easy as you thought it is

yes, i am weak
sorry for showing you that i am weak
but whatever it is
just know
that i value this friendship more than anything else
it's hard
to make people understand
but for me
it's enough 
if i'm the one who understands.

i won't get you hurt
i won't get you sick
you are allowed to get me hurt
you are allowed to get me sick

i'm holding the tears back 
ain't gonna let them out
ain't gonna show you that i'm weak
& yea, i'll be okay soon -

"after all, my life is about how good i am at hurting myself just so i can create my own happiness" - haqeem


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